Your branding. Your Laptop Stand. Your posture.

'Pure wooden awesomeness!'

K.P. - UI/UX Designer

'So much more comfortable!'

N.D. - Founder @ Plann3r

'The perfect gift for our intern!'

D.D.C. - Founder @ Buffl

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A Singular Material


Chosen for its ease of use, sustainability, and look.

All our products are lasercut from plywood as this enabled us to offer you the possibility to truly customise Your Laptop Stand. Only the outer silhouette stays the same throughout.

Creating a sustainable, recyclable object using only one material rather than a multi-material single use gadget just seemed wiser. You know, sustainability and global warming are not fake news.

A lengthy discussion could be had on the aesthetics of plywood. But we like it. And we're always right within the boundaries of this platform.

Two Basic Options

LOW 2.0

No external keyboard or mouse required. Just easier on your wrists and  neck.

And your Laptop.

Plus the added bonus of having the coolest looking accessory in the office.

Easy to assmeble and disassembe - perfect for


Highest point:  70mm



Serious business. Any size you need, at whaetevr hight you want. For laptops, or for monitors. Or both.

Obviously your branding whichever way you want it. 

Highest point:  Whatever you want.

Starting at €35 / unit.

Discounts for high quantities.

Four Key Benefits


More space between your desk and your laptop means more air (except when using in space), more air means more airflow, more airflow means better cooling.


Lifting your laptop results in a beautiful empty space  where you can store all your office gadgets. Like external hard drives. Or staplers.


Setting your laptop at an angle means your screen ends up being less of a pain to look at (better for your neck and back).  Also your keyboard assumes a more wrist-friendly position.


Because we don't believe in mass production, we can offer you your own unique design for

Your Laptop Stand.

Tell us what you fancy and we'll make it reality..

Your Laptop Stand

Our product was born out of frustration about the ergonomics of working on a laptop.


We've developed a laptop stand that satisfies our needs (in regards with working on a laptop) and decided to share said product with the world.


This is no guarantee that it will prevent or heal pain or injury for you. We believe in this product, and hope you will have an equally positive experience.


We're based in and operate from Antwerp, Belgium. Design, manufacturing, shipping and admin all happen within the same postal code. 


Phone: +32 (0)472 88 83 55


email: shop@yourlaptopstand.com


2018, Antwerp, Belgium


Unfortunately we don't ship worldwide yet. The BeNeLux, UK, and most of the EU is definitely possible. Let us know where you are at, and we'll work something out.


Get in touch if something is not to your liking. We're all grown ups, and we like happy customers best.


Send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Usually within 24 hours. Except when we're on holiday.


We're on Instagram: @yourlaptopstand

And  Facebook: @yourlaptopstand

Follow us for news and new designs.

And  post pictures of you enjoying Your Laptop Stand on a beach. Or at the office. Or both.


We do things the old school way. Cash or nothing. Just kidding, we'll send you and invoice with our details once the work is done.